Diversity Fund Update – 8 March 2018

Diversity Fund

How’s things going? A Diversity Fund Update.

A Diversity Fund Update is what I promised in my first post about this program and so an update is what I present to you!

I must say things have been going strong and I have patiently been compounding my earning into more Profit Packs. At the time of my first post I had 8 profit packs which I have managed to increase through re-investment to 13 packs.

The time between buying profit packs are getting shorter as I’m earning more and more per day. The aim here is to get to 20 DP25 Packs so that I can move on to the DP50 packs. That is where the real magic happens.

I know people might think I’m taking a risk by not withdrawing my seed money and then only investing on the profits, but doing it that way will take much longer to get into really profitable territory. I honestly believe this program will be around for some time. I also know that and see my sponsor in this program do regular $300 withdrawals and they all pay without a hitch.

Once I reach the DP50 packs I will start slowly withdrawing some cash. It is vital to get to that level first though. Obviously I will post payment proofs as I go along.

In the mean time Diversity Fund is still operating at good returns. Here is the weekly returns as it stands today:

I have also started using the Ad credits that I earn for buying the Profit Packs and are advertising some CPA programs. Will see how it goes.

At this point I still highly recommend joining Diversity Fund. It is not yet too late! Click the banner below to go have a look.

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